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The Mississippi Art Colony has 2 colony sessions each year. The last week in April and the last week in September, Monday through Friday are the arbitrary times. Dates will be posted here on application form. A newsletter is sent out between camps to the members. It’s full of good info about the last Colony and what’s coming up next, and when, and with whom.

Go to the Newsletter tab and download the current newsletter.  The details about the forthcoming workshops are there.

An APPLICATION IS HERE, also.    Fill it out and mail it according to instructions. We will let you know asap!
When you attend colony you are entitled to enter 2 painting works for the Traveling Show (juried) and 1 drawing. Please place these i.d. tags on the back of your works.  Traveling show entry labels here   AND remember to bring jpegs of your work!!


The invited artists/clinicians come to Colony from a variety of backgrounds but usually have strong teaching histories from schools or universities noted for their art curriculum. Most important is that they are able to assess work on many levels and with a variety of mediums since the members work independently with their preferred materials.  Both guidance and critique are available as needed but due to the nature of the sessions, don’t expect more than one brief visit per day. This is a great opportunity to question and discuss technique in particular and art in general with very gifted individuals. For a list of past clinicians, click here.


The cost on the application shows cost for the workshop and for the camp. The workshop includes critique/instruction. The camp cost includes room and board. critique/instruction. The two costs are your total for the colony. This sum also includes a $100 non-refundable deposit which accompanies your reservation.  Late fees are applied for those submitting after deadline which is 2 weeks prior to the colony start.  Send early!


Camp provides cabins (linens) , three meals daily, coffee and ice. 

You must bring ALL ART SUPPLIES.

Although set-up is on a first come first serve basis… we try to honor those regulars who like to return to the same spot each time.

Prepare for rainy, cold, cool, warm, hot and dry weather… any and all are possible in the spring and fall in Mississippi.

The banquet on Friday night is a bit dressy or may follow a theme such as 50’s or Hawaiian, etc. Otherwise, painting clothes will do for the rest of the time (some insist on changing for dinner…  others consider it optional.)

Special diets may be accommodated for  those with particular dietary needs in the form of space made available in the kitchen refrigerators for your frozen food.  However, there is a wide variety of healthy, well prepared foods to choose from… with very few complaints.

A tip jar is provided for services rendered by the very capable and willing camp staff. There is little they won’t find time to do for you if asked. Some of the best people you’ll find anywhere!

Happy hour is made happier by the contributions of both home-made and store-bought goodies by the members. You provide your own refreshments at this time.

Entering the Traveling show?

At each workshop, a juried show will be selected and designated as “The Colony Travel Show” of not more than 25 pieces.  Each artist may submit 2 works for judging.

All works must have been done in the last three years and not included in previous Colony shows. All works included in Travel Show must also meet established criteria as to height, width, depth weight, and presentation.

Works must be wall-hung, ready to hang. Under Plexiglas or acrylic (no glass). Not more than 40″ x 50″, a depth of no more than 6″, weighing not more than 25 lbs. and no projections which could endanger other pieces.

Artists should be prepared to forfeit a commission on works that sell while on tour, if galleries require. Percentages vary, usually no more than 50%, please price your work accordingly.

The artist is responsible for delivery to and removal of these pieces at the conclusion of the current Colony session.

Mississippi Art Colony will not be responsible for loss or damage to works that travel.  All entries submitted at artist’s own risk and expense. In the event that damage to framing should occur while traveling, it should be repaired a soon as possible at the artist’s expense. The travel show is on tour as an “Exhibit” and should look professional at all times.

All work must be correctly submitted for judging no later than 8:00 a.m. Tuesday.

Entry forms for travel show here!   PLEASE fill out ALL information, attach proper portion to upper left-hand corner on back of paintings. A Show Committee will be available to receive work on Monday afternoon at check in.

Colony registration here!

Traveling Show Entry Labels here!

Scholarship Application here!